Little Mix – four girls known for their stunning looks and foxy glamourous outfits have revealed their current pre-gig food of choice, and it’s a surprising one – Greggs Festive pasties.
Talking to Dan Kelly and Naomi Kent backstage at Free Radio Live at Birmingham’s Genting Arena the girls waxed lyrical about their love for the tasty treats and how they are stronger than ever after five years together.
On being stronger than ever before after five years in the spotlight
Jesse said: “I don’t know, we’ve been through a lot in five years. It’s strange. I feel like this has always been my life – we literally are so loyal to each other. We really look after each other and we just stick by each other, don’t we? We never want to try and be better than anyone else. We just know that as a four we’re stronger. And if any of us are in the shhhh, I was nearly going to swear then. If any of us are in the sh, we’ve got each other’s backs. And it’s all about friendship. If we didn’t have friendship there would be no Little Mix.”
On their love of Greggs Festive Pasties
Jade said, “Me and Perrie have some pastie. Yeah, well basically I said on the radio that I like Gregg’s Christmas pasties and they’ve sent two boxes full to the gig.
Perrie said, “Yes I had pastie and I’ve had a donut. We’ll be rolling on stage. No wonder these pants are so bloody tight.”

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